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Remember: This is just to give you a ballpark estimate of what the cost may be. Many factors go into the actual costs of a new roof, so for an actual detailed estimate, call us for a free, no-hassle inspection.

As a bonus, we will send you “A Homeowners Guide to Not Getting Ripped Off,” where we spill over 40 years worth of secrets in the business, including how to:

  • Conduct the best research so you can engage and interview potential roofing companies
  • Properly vet roofing companies — and their documentation
  • Know exactly which roofing materials suit your project
  • Create a thorough, binding contract so that you are protected on every level.

Please note: If you are looking at replacing your roof through an insurance claim, please see our Storm Damage FAQ’s page on why an estimate is not needed. If this is the case, Contact Us, and we’ll come out for a free inspection and explain how the insurance claims process works.

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*TOTAL SQUARE FEET: This is the area of your home’s footprint under your roof which includes the garage and any covered porches or patios. To get your home’s footprint square footage, multiply length by width. Be sure to include any offset additions like a detached garage or shed that you would want the roof replaced on too.


*ROOF COMPLEXITY: Is the roof a simple, basic design or are there lots of peaks and valleys and other items (such as chimney, skylights, etc) that would require additional measuring and cutting of materials.