We are proud to specialize in the installation of cedar shake roofs. Cedar shakes create a rustic and craftsmanship-style look to your home. And with our optimal installation process, they are made to last.

What’s Unique About Cedar Shakes?

Cedar shakes provide you with weather protection and a beautiful roof.

Cedar shakes are thicker than cedar shingles, ranging from 1/2″ to 3/4″. The irregular, hand-milled look that cedar shakes give a home can immediately boost its appearance and value, making it look more ‘handmade,’ while still protecting it from severe weather elements such as wind, hail, rain, and snow.

Cedar Shake Experts

Cedar shakes shouldn’t be installed by just anyone, and Malybuilt isn’t just anyone. With 3 generations of expertise and over 40 years of experience, we know the optimal way to offset joints from course to course and make sure joints in adjacent courses are aligned. Our installation process guarantees ideal joint placement and ventilation.

Cedar Shakes and Hail Damage

As with any type of roofing, cedar shakes are vulnerable to hail and storm damage. But it can be difficult to identify damage on cedar shakes due to the inconsistent look of natural wood.

Hailstones anywhere from 2″ or greater can cause dents in the roofing. If cedar shakes are installed correctly, often times the denting from hailstones 2” or greater is cosmetic damage.

To be sure of your cedar shake roofing after a storm, contact Malybuilt. We’ll inspect it for you.

Cedar Shakes and Aging

It’s important to perform regular maintenance by cedar shake professionals to keep your cedar shake roof in good repair for many years to come.

Cedar shakes are made of natural wood. Over time, the elements deteriorate the natural integrity of the wood. Wood is preserved by a natural oil, tannin, which also gives it a lustrous appearance. Over time this oil dries out, so the cedar naturally deteriorates, causing splitting or thinning of the wood.

If you notice any splitting or thinning of your cedar shakes, contact Malybuilt, and we’ll provide you with next steps.